BSV Hackathon Success Stories | Luke Rohenaz – TonicPow

July 12, 2021

Watch Luke Rohenaz, co-founder and CEO, TonicPow – the promotion marketplace share his success story from the 2nd #BitcoinSV #Hackathon


#Britevue founder Connor Murray shares his experiences and successes from the 2nd #BitcoinSV Hackathon, including how his team conceptualised and created the #blockchain-based reviews platform that pays its reviewers in #BSV.

Thumbnail of the Youtube video of Evan Freeman discussing: BSV Hackathon 2020: How not to Fail When Building on Bitcoin

"There are a lot of ways to succeed when building on Bitcoin," but it can only help aspiring developers to learn how not to fail when building on the Bitcoin blockchain. As part of the third Bitcoin SV Hackathon, Bitcoin Association's Curriculum Specialist Evan Freeman took his virtual attendees through a webinar exploration of how to design a truly innovative application, while sidestepping the pitfalls that come with app design on blockchain.

The 3rd BSV Hackathon has been the biggest on record for Bitcoin Association. Run by nChain, this hackathon brought together 400 participants from across the globe and given 8-weeks to design their applications based on one objective - connect the world to one global blockchain. With so many innovative applications making up the shortlist of this year, be part of the next BSV Hackathon!