Bitcoin Association MD Patrick Prinz on joining the digitalswitzerland Digital Expert Community

September 23, 2021

Patrick Prinz, Managing Director of Bitcoin Association, talks about joining the  @digitalswitzerland Association  Digital Expert Community as a #blockchain expert. Patrick shares what he expects from the role and what he believes he’ll be able to contribute to the community.

BSV Hackathon Success Stories | Niels Van Den Bergh - Kyrt

Watch Niels Van Den Bergh, co-founder and CEO of Kyrt, talk about his experience as a participant in the third #BitcoinSV Hackathon - everything from developing an idea that solves real world problems to building an application on the #BSVblockchain.

CoinGeek Zurich 2021 Highlights

Watch the highlights of the CoinGeek Conference 2021 in Zurich. The most ambitious and wide-ranging conference held in support of the #BSVblockchain, hosted by Jimmy Nguyen, our Founding President.

BSV Webinar Ep4

In the final episode of our special webinar series focused on #BitcoinSV signature technology, Aaron Zhou details how to use #Bitcoin private keys to sign messages, covering the calculation of the message digest and recoverable ECDSA signature, as well as verification and serialisation.


The episode features Wang Yiqiang, co-founder and CTO of sCrypt, a high-level development language for smart contracts specific to the #BSVblockchain. Wang provides an in-depth introduction to the tools and services available, as well as demo contracts associated with developing #Bitcoin smart contracts using the #sCrypt language.