BSV Venture Pitch Day | London 2020 | Interview: Bitruption

May 26, 2020

Travelling to Venture Pitch Day London from his home in Norway, Ørjan Knutli presented Bitruption – a digital currency market maker and exchange he co-founded that is focused on the Norwegian market.

With plans for expansion into the freelance market using the platform they created and the micropayment capabilities of Bitcoin SV, the future is bright for Bitruption – one they hope will come with a new cash injection as a result of their pitch.


Presenting on behalf of his New Zealand-based brother at BSV Venture Pitch Day: London, nChain product analyst Ben Adams impressed investors with his pitch for Looter – an on chain social fitness app that integrates micropayments as a core tenet of its offering. Used for everything from incentivizing running, to charity contributions and friendly-wagering, Looter earned a place on the main stage at CoinGeek London with a unique pitch – but one with lofty goals in a heavily-contested market.


At the recent BSV Venture Pitch Day: London, BA had the opportunity to speak with brothers Daniel and Jeremy Street, co-founders of Memento – a social media app built on Bitcoin SV. Having made the journey from Australia for their opportunity to present at Pitch Day, Memento founders Daniel and Jeremy Street made the most of their opportunity, impressing the investors in attendance with their Instagram-like social media app and earning a spot on the mainstage at the CoinGeek London conference.


In this interview, Lin Zheming, talks about ActivitySV, an onchain activity data collection and sharing service that will protect the user's privacy. Last February, Bitcoin Association conducted its 2nd Pitch Day event where innovators in the Bitcoin SV platform and investors meet for a chance to fund outstanding BSV projects.


In this interview, Luis Barbosa, the founder of event management and ticketing platform EventGo, talks about his project and what sets it apart from similar projects.

February 20, 2020

The Bitcoin Association has held its 2nd Pitch Day in London! Drop by our booth at #CGLondon to learn more about our Pitch Day!

January 30, 2020

CEO Connor Murray presented before investors TrueReviews, a platform that will provide incentives and will create a fairer, more effective way of leaving and gathering consumer reviews.

January 10, 2020

Sean Pollock presents GearSV, a platform that allos users to build smart contracts on top of the Bitcoin SV blockchain.