Bitcoin Association at CoinGeek Live – 2020 in Focus

October 5, 2020

2020 has been a truly exciting year for the global Bitcoin SV community, with the Bitcoin Association striving to bring the unbounded potential of BSV out to the world as a highly professional blockchain purpose-built for creating the next generation of applications and enterprise-level solutions.

From providing developers with the skills and tools they need to put Bitcoin SV to work with the BSV Academy Webinars, the exciting outreach and discussions by BA Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, to the conclusion of this years BSV Hackathon, 2020 has been truly transformative for the Bitcoin SV community.

BSV Blockchain Conference

Watch the highlights of the Enterprise Blockchain Conference held in September. The conference brought together a range of enterprises, startups and experts who are familiar with blockchain technology and have been building projects in this area.