Bitcoin Association at CoinGeek Live – 2020 in Focus

October 5, 2020

2020 has been a truly exciting year for the global Bitcoin SV community, with the Bitcoin Association striving to bring the unbounded potential of BSV out to the world as a highly professional blockchain purpose-built for creating the next generation of applications and enterprise-level solutions.

From providing developers with the skills and tools they need to put Bitcoin SV to work with the BSV Academy Webinars, the exciting outreach and discussions by BA Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, to the conclusion of this years BSV Hackathon, 2020 has been truly transformative for the Bitcoin SV community.

14th Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit

At the 14th Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai, Bitcoin Association's Europe & operations manager, Patrick Prinz chaired a panel session focusing on how #blockchain technology is empowering businesses to better work with data.

Bitcoin Basics

The Bitcoin basics: design and protocol course serves as an introduction to the Bitcoin protocol and how it operates. From the white paper to mining and from the ledger to coins and transactions, the course offers a quick, easy to understand overview of the #Bitcoin ecosystem.


The first-ever #BitcoinSV Bootcamp in China covered a wide range of topics, ranging from #BSVblockchain node software updates, Bitcoin Script, token protocols, #BSV games, #NFTs, the Metanet, digital ID, wallets, data services and more.

14th Ritossa

At the 14th Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen chaired a panel session centred on how health and life can be improved using emerging technologies like #blockchain.

BSV Webinar Ep4

In the final episode of our special webinar series focused on #BitcoinSV signature technology, Aaron Zhou details how to use #Bitcoin private keys to sign messages, covering the calculation of the message digest and recoverable ECDSA signature, as well as verification and serialisation.