BSV DevCon China 2020: Lise Li – Opening Remarks

September 25, 2020

To kick off Bitcoin Association’s first-ever Chinese-language BitcoinSV conference, China Manager, Lise Li took to the virtual stage to give the opening remarks ahead of the action-packed two days of BSV DevCon.

BSV DevCon China is our very first Developer conference, comprised of discussions, and practical demos of solutions built on top of Bitcoin SV. As a result, each talk is in Chinese with English subtitles.

4th BSV Hackathon

A total of 623 participants from around the world participated in the six-week coding round at the 4th #BSV Hackathon to compete for a share of the $100,00 prize pool and developed cutting-edge real-world solutions on the #BSVblockchain.  The three finalists CATN8, Bitcoin Phone and TKS Pnt will compete in a final round at  @CoinGeek 's #CGNewYork on October 05.

Blockchain: A world of possibilities

At the 15th Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit in Monaco, a wide variety of amazing initiatives in the world of #fintech, digital assets, #cryptocurrencies, DeFi and #NFTs were discussed by industry leaders in a panel.

BSV Blockchain Conference 2021 | New York

Join blockchain industry leaders at the #BSV Blockchain Conference in New York on September 9 to learn why #BitcoinSV is the truly scalable #blockchain for enterprises and the future of distributed data technology.

Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup - APAC - July 2021 | Full recording

On July 29, guest speakers from across Asia-Pacific (APAC) joined Bitcoin Association regional manager for Southeast Asia, Ella Qiang, at the fourth #BitcoinSV Virtual Meetup of 2021 to discuss the latest news and updates from the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

BSV Hackathon Success Stories | Niels Van Den Bergh - Kyrt

Watch Niels Van Den Bergh, co-founder and CEO of Kyrt, talk about his experience as a participant in the third #BitcoinSV Hackathon - everything from developing an idea that solves real world problems to building an application on the #BSVblockchain.