BSV DevCon China 2021 | Day 1 & Day 2 Highlights

December 21, 2021

Missed this year’s #BSV DevCon China? Don’t worry, we have pulled together some of the key highlights from the event where a line-up of blockchain & technology experts came together to discuss and explore the innovations enabled by the #BSVblockchain.

This year’s BSV DevCon China was attended by a live audience of almost 300 people and was live-streamed to tens of thousands of viewers around the world.

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如果您错过了#BSV开发者大会(2021),不要担心,我们在本视频中总结了本次大会亮点。来自各个行业、拥有不同技术经验的多位演讲者发表了演讲,讨论和探索#BSV区块链 带来的创新。

第二届BSV开发者大会(2021)吸引了近 300 人的现场观众参加,并向全球数以万计的观众进行了直播。

BSV Academy | Introduction To Bitcoin Infrastructure - Payment Channels

The Bitcoin Infrastructure course gives you a deep dive into payment channels and Bitcoin SV's capacity to build new and innovative services on bitcoin. Learn how you can implement the bitcoin SV key concepts in your projects and organisation by starting your blockchain journey today.

In the Spotlight - Ian Lee at Merkle Science

Ian Lee, Founding Member and Associate Director of Merkle Science speaks to us about how Merkle Science is supporting the safe and healthy development of the crypto ecosystem, with a focus on helping businesses tackle regulatory compliance.

In conversation with Joshua Lim
February 14, 2022

Bitcoin Association speaks to Joshua Lim, head of derivatives at Genesis Global Trading, about the evolution of the digital asset market and the growth of institutional investment.

bitcoin Primitives: Digital Signatures

The Bitcoin Primitives: Digital Signatures course is the first of a series of three short courses that explore the three foundational concepts of the BSV Blockchain. It is a beginner level course that assumes no prior knowledge of bitcoin, making it ideal for anyone looking to learn about bitcoin SV.

Satoshi Block Dojo event

Watch the highlights from the Satoshi Block Dojo event where 9 start-ups came together from across the world for the chance to succeed with the BSV Blockchain. Craig Massey, Founder of Satoshi Block Dojo, talks us through the 3-month incubator programme and what's in store for the 9 qualifying companies.

Tyler Farnsworth and Taylor Searle on BA in conversation

Bitcoin Association speaks to Built By Gamers Chief Marketing Officer Tyler Farnsworth and Strategic Advisor Taylor Searle about how they aim to revolutionise the gaming and esports industry through their adoption of the BSV blockchain.

The basic rules of metaverse game

Great presentation by Gu Lu, CEO of BitCell, where he talked about “The basic rules of the #Metaverse game”. Watch now on Lujiazui Digital Application of Law Salon (No.9) in #Shanghai.