BSV DevCon China 2021 | Day 1 & Day 2 Highlights

December 21, 2021

Missed this year’s #BSV DevCon China? Don’t worry, we have pulled together some of the key highlights from the event where a line-up of blockchain & technology experts came together to discuss and explore the innovations enabled by the #BSVblockchain.

This year’s BSV DevCon China was attended by a live audience of almost 300 people and was live-streamed to tens of thousands of viewers around the world.

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如果您错过了#BSV开发者大会(2021),不要担心,我们在本视频中总结了本次大会亮点。来自各个行业、拥有不同技术经验的多位演讲者发表了演讲,讨论和探索#BSV区块链 带来的创新。

第二届BSV开发者大会(2021)吸引了近 300 人的现场观众参加,并向全球数以万计的观众进行了直播。

BSV Blockchain Conference

Watch the highlights of the Enterprise Blockchain Conference held in September. The conference brought together a range of enterprises, startups and experts who are familiar with blockchain technology and have been building projects in this area.