BSV Devcon China – Mempool BaaS

October 21, 2020

Applying blockchain technology has the evident potential of transforming businesses of all kinds across the world. During BSV DevCon China, MemPool and DotWallet Founder and CEO, Lin Zheming, showcased the potential for a Bitcoin-as-a-Service (BaaS) like MemPool can help deliver the next generation of applications. BSV DevCon China is our very first Chinese-language developer conference, comprised of discussions, and practical demos of solutions built on top of Bitcoin SV. As a result, each talk is in Chinese with English subtitles.

Yang Dong Thumbnail for BSV DEVCON CHINA

Watch Yang Dong, a distinguished professor from the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Scholars Programme of the Chinese Ministry of Education and Executive Director of the Blockchain Research Institute of Renmin University of China, give the opening remarks ahead of the action-packed two days event in Nov 2021.

In the Spotlight - PeerSend

PeerSend Co-founder Jeff Baek explains how their BSV-based platform allows you to send money to anyone over the Internet.

Jimmy Nguyen on BSV blockchain conference NYC with CEO of Cryptofights

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President at Bitcoin Association, speaks with Tyler Farnsworth, CMO at Built by Gamers, Adam Kling, CEO and Founder at Fyx Gaming and Matt Dickson, CEO and Co-founder at Bitboss, about what the future of gaming looks like on BSV.