BSV Devcon China – Mempool BaaS

October 21, 2020

Applying blockchain technology has the evident potential of transforming businesses of all kinds across the world. During BSV DevCon China, MemPool and DotWallet Founder and CEO, Lin Zheming, showcased the potential for a Bitcoin-as-a-Service (BaaS) like MemPool can help deliver the next generation of applications. BSV DevCon China is our very first Chinese-language developer conference, comprised of discussions, and practical demos of solutions built on top of Bitcoin SV. As a result, each talk is in Chinese with English subtitles.

NYC conference

We look back at the BSV Blockchain Conference in New York as Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen speaks with Chief Visionary at Fabriik and the Bayesian Group Roy Bernhard and Technical Director of BSaV.IO Dr Edgar White about the evolution of money and the changing landscape in financial products, trading and tokenised assets with BSV.

BSV ACAD Infrastructure

Explore the inner workings of blockchain with the latest BSV Academy course, 'Introduction to Bitcoin Infrastructure'. Following the rules outlined in Satoshi Nakamoto‘s White Paper, this course will provide you with a thorough and valuable understanding of foundational principles and how you can utilise the blockchain for your projects and business ventures while gaining a recognised certificate of completion.

BSV blockchain conference 992021

Watch Founding President of Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen, Managing Partner at Unbounded Capital, Zach Resnick and Managing Director at Ayre Ventures, Paul Rajchgod as they discuss why the growing adoption of the BSV blockchain is paving the way for Big Data management and why it's time that investors pay attention.

Happy holidays from Jimmy Nguyen and Dr Craig S. Wright

As the holiday season approaches, Bitcoin Association's Founding President Jimmy Nguyen and Chief Scientist at Chain, Craig S. Wright send their thanks to all Bitcoin Association supporters and BSV enthusiasts for making this year one to remember. Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year.

Democracy4all Blockchain Transparency

Watch panel discussion with Dani Marco, Director General for Innovation and Digital Economy, Government of Catalunya - Nik Kalyani, Co-founder & CEO of Decentology - Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder of NEAR Protocol - Muhammad Salman, Chief Mate of InvoiceMate & Head of BSV Hub for MENA and South Asia as they discuss how blockchain transparent engine can drive a better economy and democracy at the Democracy4All conference in Barcelona.

BSV Devcon china 1&2 highlights

Missed this year's #BSV DevCon China? Don't worry, we have pulled together some of the key highlights from the event where a line-up of blockchain & technology experts came together to discuss and explore the innovations enabled by the #BSVblockchain.