BSV Hackathon Success Stories | Luke Rohenaz – TonicPow

July 12, 2021

Watch Luke Rohenaz, co-founder and CEO, TonicPow – the promotion marketplace share his success story from the 2nd #BitcoinSV #Hackathon

BSV Blockchain Conference 2021 | New York

Join blockchain industry leaders at the #BSV Blockchain Conference in New York on September 9 to learn why #BitcoinSV is the truly scalable #blockchain for enterprises and the future of distributed data technology.

Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup - APAC - July 2021 | Full recording

On July 29, guest speakers from across Asia-Pacific (APAC) joined Bitcoin Association regional manager for Southeast Asia, Ella Qiang, at the fourth #BitcoinSV Virtual Meetup of 2021 to discuss the latest news and updates from the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

BSV Hackathon Success Stories | Niels Van Den Bergh - Kyrt

Watch Niels Van Den Bergh, co-founder and CEO of Kyrt, talk about his experience as a participant in the third #BitcoinSV Hackathon - everything from developing an idea that solves real world problems to building an application on the #BSVblockchain.

BSV Blockchain Conference 2021 | Miami

Join blockchain industry leaders at the #BSV Blockchain Conference in Miami on September 1 to learn why #BitcoinSV is the only #blockchain for enterprises & the future of distributed data technology.

Blockchain Policy Matters: U.S. Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL-11) | Episode 4

In this episode of Blockchain Policy Matters, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen talks to U.S. Congressman Bill Foster about the progress made in developing domestic blockchain regulation, as well as his own work as the co-chair of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus. Blockchain Policy Matters is Bitcoin Association's web series where we talk to law makers and policy leaders across the world who are shaping the world of #blockchain and digital assets.

CoinGeek Zurich 2021 Highlights

Watch the highlights of the CoinGeek Conference 2021 in Zurich. The most ambitious and wide-ranging conference held in support of the #BSVblockchain, hosted by Jimmy Nguyen, our Founding President.