CC Forum Dubai | How emerging tech can help resolve sustainability issues and serve public good

July 21, 2021

At the CC Forum in Dubai, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen chaired a panel session focusing on how emerging technologies like #blockchain can help resolve sustainability issues and serve the public good, featuring:

Stephan Nilsson – co-founder & CEO, UNISOT
Muhammad Salman Anjum – Chief Mate, InvoiceMate
Phillip Runyan – co-founder & CEO, Veridat
Marta E. Paiar – chairwoman, Kuwekeza Investment Holdings and senior advisor, Accenture East
David Washburn – CEO, nChain

BSV Blockchain Conference

Watch the highlights of the Enterprise Blockchain Conference held in September. The conference brought together a range of enterprises, startups and experts who are familiar with blockchain technology and have been building projects in this area.