The latest stories from the faces of Bitcoin SV, featuring interviews with people who are enthusiastic and excited to witness how BSV will transform businesses, payments and technology. This series serves to recognize the growing number of individuals to whom credit is due for ensuring that the Satoshi Vision becomes a reality for all.

Faces of Bitcoin SV: Donald Mulders

February 14, 2020

At #CGSeoul, we were delighted to meet with Donald Mulders, the CEO of Metanet Pioneers.

With Faces of Bitcoin SV, we want to show the variety of people that make-up the growing BSV ecosystem.

Come meet us at #CGLondon!


At #CGSeoul, we are delighted to meet Coddy Qiu, an independent developer and writer. With Faces of Bitcoin SV, we want to show the variety of people that make-up the growing BSV ecosystem.


In this interview, we interviewed equity analyst Jack Pitts who is always on the hunt for the latest trends and the next big thing in the finance space.


In this interview, Tony Tong of Hong Kong Blockchain Association shared how he became involved in blockchain and why he thinks Bitcoin SV will be a perfect fit for Hong Kong's blockchain and fintech friendly space.


At #CGSeoul, we are delighted to meet Andrew Kondelin, the founder of Loggeru. Loggeru could be used to record SSH attempts into a server, monitor attempts to read files, record MAC addresses, reduce ATM skimming and generally record how records are altered.


At #CGSeoul, we are delighted to meet Francesco Morello, Director and Founder of Morello International, who shared how he got involved with Bitcoin SV and what can BSV do for his business.


At #CGSeoul, we had the chance to meet Bitcoin Association member and Manager Daniel Lee who is working hard on disseminating the benefits of the Bitcoin SV blockchain to more South Koreans.


We are delighted to meet Ekhard Seeßelberg, the founder of Hello Metanet andthe organizer of hugely successful Bitcoin SV meetups in Germany.


At #CGSeoul, we are delighted to meet Connor Murray, CEO of TrueReviews, a platform that seeks to create a fairer and more effective way of leaving and gathering consumer reviews using Bitcoin SV.

At #CGLondon, we are delighted to meet Avi Wolicki, head of Cyber Security Technologies of BSW Group, who is working on a project that gives businesses analytics through Money Button.