Introducing BSV Technical Standards – TSC Webinar

May 20, 2021

The introductory webinar on Bitcoin SV Technical Standards and the Technical Standards Committee (TSC) took place on April 21, 2021. Committee members covered the role of the Technical Standards Committee (TSC) within the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, and what it aims to achieve. They walked us through the standardisation process – including how both businesses and individual industry experts can participate and finally discussed the benefits and current roadmap for the technical standards programme.

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In a first ever for the Bitcoin Association for BSV, we bring you our annual report as a video series. By using this format, we hope to not only keep you abreast of our activities, but to provide you with engaging content that makes it easy to share the projects you’re most excited about with those outside the BSV ecosystem.

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Ian Lee, Founding Member and Associate Director of Merkle Science speaks to us about how Merkle Science is supporting the safe and healthy development of the crypto ecosystem, with a focus on helping businesses tackle regulatory compliance.

In conversation with Joshua Lim
February 14, 2022

Bitcoin Association speaks to Joshua Lim, head of derivatives at Genesis Global Trading, about the evolution of the digital asset market and the growth of institutional investment.

Tyler Farnsworth and Taylor Searle on BA in conversation

Bitcoin Association speaks to Built By Gamers Chief Marketing Officer Tyler Farnsworth and Strategic Advisor Taylor Searle about how they aim to revolutionise the gaming and esports industry through their adoption of the BSV blockchain.