Bitcoin Association – Jimmy Nguyen joins Varney & Co. on Fox Business

January 11, 2021

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen joined Varney & Co. on Fox Business to discuss how businesses are turning to Bitcoin as a reserve asset instead of for its true purpose as a system of peer-to-peer electronic cash.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Magazine, nChain CEO David Washburn talks through the importance of coming to Dubai for Sir Anthony Ritossa's 13th Global Family Office Investment Summit to tell the unique story of nChain, while showcasing its real-world utility in helping businesses to collect and monetize data. [...]

Bitcoin Association's Founding President Jimmy Nguyen

Sitting down with CNBC Arabia during Sir Anthony Ritossa's 13th Global Office Family Investment Summit, our Founding President Jimmy Nguyen shares his vision of Bitcoin SV as the truly scalable, global blockchain for enterprise application. [...]

Unlock the hidden features of Bitcoin - Edward Liu

Featuring developers, innovators, and leaders from a wide range of industries, Bitcoin SV: Building Innovative Blockchain Applications brought together enthusiasts from across Asia! Taking the virtual stage was Bitcoin Association Trainer Edward Liu to showcase how to discover and unlock the powerful hidden features of the Bitcoin SV blockchain. [...]

Poster of Africa Tech Festival's talk

As the continent of Africa enters its digital decade, it must confront the challenges and limitations of its current systems of money, data, and international trade. Taking the virtual stage during AfricaCom, nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig S. Wright explores these fundamental challenges, and how Bitcoin SV can provide real utility for companies, governments and people across the continent. [...]

BSV Events and Meetups 2020 - Cambridge poster

Cambridge has quickly emerged as a hub for blockchain innovation in the U.K., with Cambridge University being the (unsurprising) focal point. Featuring Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, Robin Kohze, and Adam Bishop of the Cambridge Metanet Society, the BSV Virtual Meetup explored the extensive education and outreach of the Metanet Society, including a showcase of some of the exciting projects on Bitcoin SV. [...]

Thumbnail of the Youtube video of Evan Freeman discussing: BSV Hackathon 2020: How not to Fail When Building on Bitcoin

"There are a lot of ways to succeed when building on Bitcoin," but it can only help aspiring developers to learn how not to fail when building on the Bitcoin blockchain. As part of the third Bitcoin SV Hackathon, Bitcoin Association's Curriculum Specialist Evan Freeman took his virtual attendees through a webinar exploration of how to design a truly innovative application, while sidestepping the pitfalls that come with app design on blockchain. [...]

Poster of AfricaCom 2020

The continent of Africa has rapidly embraced innovative new technologies, propelling it into what is now being referred to as its digital decade.   Blockchain technology represents a technology with transformative potential for the African continent and with Bitcoin SV, which could take any number of forms, from providing micropayments, facilitating faster and more efficient remittances, to offering new solutions for identity management and enterprise applications.   Join us for AfricaCom from November 9-12th, and discover the unbounded potential of blockchain in transforming Africa.   Register here:  [...]

Intro of iGaming Next Fireside Chat

When it comes to the iGaming industry, applying blockchain technology isn't something that's undertaken lightly. During this fireside chat from iGaming NEXT, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen helps lead the panelists - Hold Gaming's Phillip Runyan and BitBoss' Matt Dickson - through the question of how blockchain can truly entice the gaming industry? [...]

Photo of Liu Yiming

Digital security has been a serious concern for businesses and individuals for some time. With the advent of blockchain technology, potential solutions and further concerns emerge regarding cybersecurity. During this session of BSV DevCon China, Cybersecurity Specialist Liu Yiming provides a concise overview of blockchain, from its architecture to the way it assesses potential threats and strategises against attacks. BSV DevCon China is our very first Chinese-language developer conference, comprised of discussions, and practical demos of solutions built on top of Bitcoin SV. As a result, each talk is in Chinese with English subtitles. [...]