Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup – APAC – April 2021 | Highlights

April 19, 2021

On April 8,  guest speakers from across Asia-Pacific (APAC) joined Bitcoin Association regional manager for Southeast Asia, Ella Qiang, for the third #BitcoinSV​ Virtual Meetup of 2021.

After a quick introduction from Ella, the focus shifted to the BSV community and all of the latest news and updates from the Bitcoin SV ecosystem in APAC. We took a closer look at DotWallet’s Bitcoin-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform and badge token protocol. Merkle Science took us through their compliance tools, we learnt more about the Tuvalu national digital ledger project, as well as the recently launched Relay DEX & RUN token protocol ecosystem.


A message from Jimmy Nguyen, from nChain and the Bitcoin Association's Founding President: after emerging from the November 2018 contentious hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash network, Bitcoin SV (BSV) is open for business. BSV is open for everyone to join its mission to fulfill the Satoshi Vision.

Jimmy Nguyen provides updates on Bitcoin Satoshi Vision scaling test results, OP_RETURN, no limits on data size, and Dr. Craig Wright’s vision on putting IP on blockchain

Jimmy Nguyen’s bring us the latest update on the Bitcoin SV Scaling Test Network (STN), giant OP_RETURN data sizes from Melbourne, Australia.

Jimmy Nguyen, comes to you from Seoul, South Korea, one of the hotbeds of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the world.