BSV Bootcamp China | Introduction to Sensible Contract by Gu Lu

July 23, 2021

Gu Lu, founder of BitCell Technology and developer of SatoPlay, talks about the Sensible Contract project and the main principles behind it at our #BSV Bootcamp in China.


The much anticipated Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021 kicked off on May 15th and the first day offered a variety of content to attendees. Industry experts explained everything from how to get started with #Bitcoin development with #BitcoinSV Academy through to the various tools and transaction types available on the Bitcoin SV network.


The episode features Wang Yiqiang, co-founder and CTO of sCrypt, a high-level development language for smart contracts specific to the #BSVblockchain. Wang provides an in-depth introduction to the tools and services available, as well as demo contracts associated with developing #Bitcoin smart contracts using the #sCrypt language.


#Britevue founder Connor Murray shares his experiences and successes from the 2nd #BitcoinSV Hackathon, including how his team conceptualised and created the #blockchain-based reviews platform that pays its reviewers in #BSV.