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Jimmy Nguyen welcomes new Bitcoin Association members

Jimmy Nguyen is back on the road again with updates on the latest developments in the Bitcoin SV (BSV) ecosystem from Jamaica.

Jimmy Nguyen returns to give us updates on developments with BSV, the rebirth of the original Bitcoin—finally unlocking the true power of Bitcoin’s original design, protocol and vision.

Jimmy Nguyen is back to bring us more updates on the Bitcoin SV ecosystem as BSV marches to become the world’s new money and global enterprise blockchain.

Jimmy Nguyen gives us updates in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem which include the scaling developments from the Bitcoin SV Node team, Bitgraph, Python BSV Wallet SDK, Dev. Documentation Series, and the new Wright Vision from nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright.

Jimmy Nguyen provides new updates on the ecosystem as BSV finally unleashes the true power of Bitcoin’s original design, protocol and Satoshi Vision.

Jimmy Nguyen brings us updates on the rebranding of the Bitcoin Association, Bitcoin SV V0.1.1 release, Wallet Workshop, EDI to BDI, and the latest instalment of ‘The Wright Vision.’

Jimmy Nguyen provides updates on Bitcoin Satoshi Vision scaling test results, OP_RETURN, no limits on data size, and Dr. Craig Wright’s vision on putting IP on blockchain.

Jimmy Nguyen’s bring us the latest update on the Bitcoin SV Scaling Test Network (STN), giant OP_RETURN data sizes from Melbourne, Australia.

Jimmy Nguyen, comes to you from Seoul, South Korea, one of the hotbeds of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the world.

The Bitcoin Association supports Bitcoin SV (BSV) as the original Bitcoin. Reflecting its mission to fulfil the “Satoshi Vision,” BSV was created to restore the original Satoshi protocol, keep it stable and enable it to massively scale.