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18 Participants. 4 Runners-Up.
3 Finalists.

Meet the 3 finalists who'll present their BSV project at the CoinGeek Conference in Seoul on October 1.

• BitQ&A - BitQ&A built an application where one can ask a question or answer the ones submitted by other people. Think about Quora or StackOverflow with a Bitcoin-based incentive model.

• Codugh - They created a platform that connects API developers and API consumers. Using the power of BSV, consumers pay a microtransaction each time they successfully make an API call.

• Hive - A platform that acts as a “beehive” of connecting information - where each individual adds connections and new information or other media. Each “Hive” exists of objects (Run/Jiggs) that contain information and have pointers to other objects.

The 4 runners-up of the 2nd Virtual BSV Hackathon are Sourceshare, TrueReviews, ScrollPay, and Ask The World.

If you're one of the 3 finalists of the Bitcoin SV Hackathon, your pitch can possibly net you investment funding. Check the full details of the Hackathon participants now.

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